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Harked as the largest Catholic University in the states, not only has DePaul helped keep the Lincoln Park neighborhood full of energy, but it has turned into a charming little Chicago subdivision of its own. Located in the larger Lincoln Park neighborhood, just east of the university’s campus, DePaul’s small residential space of ten square blocks between Diversey and Fullerton adds to its quaint appeal.

While Lincoln Park’s countless culinary gems overshadow most of DePaul’s minimal dining scene, it is home to a few tasty eateries. The most popular among those is Chef David Richard’s Sweets and Savories. Locals from every Chicago neighborhood flock to this restaurant for authentic French dishes and they always save room for Chef Richard’s decadent desserts.

DePaul University

DePaul’s streets may not be rampant with restaurants, but there’s always something going on at night, thanks to its energetic population of students. When these young scholars aren’t studying, they’re probably kickin’ back with a cold one at the Southport City Saloon. Music fiends can usually be found catching a live show at the Birds Nest bar, which also offers daily drink and food specials.

If it weren’t for such a diverse body of students, the university’s surrounding streets may never have seen the likes of so many coffee houses, bookstores and intellectual hot-spots. Students and professors of DePaul can often be found rubbing shoulders at the Bourgeois Pig, one of the neighborhood’s European-themed coffee shops. Just around the corner from this academic melting pot are the Children’s Memorial Hospital and associated White Elephant thrift shop.

In addition to the buses that run along both of DePaul’s major streets (Diversey and Fullerton), the Brown Line and the Red Line CTA stations are just a few blocks east. Public transportation is convenient for commuting to work and traveling beyond neighborhood borders, but DePaul is so condensed that most locals stick to foot traffic when on the home front. And with Lincoln Park just a few steps away, there’s hardly reason to leave the area.

Housing in this neighborhood is strikingly similar to that of Lincoln Park, in architecture and value. The streets are lined with many elegant aging trees, wrought iron fences and intricate landscaped patios. You’ll find an interesting mix of newly built condos and vintage stone and redbrick walk-ups. Most of the brick buildings were installed shortly after the Great Fire of 1871.

Next to its sister neighborhood, DePaul is one of Chicago’s most coveted areas for real estate. One and two bedroom condos with parking spaces start around three hundred thousand—and that’s a bargain, while a three bedroom unit with garage parking doubles the price to the six and seven-hundred thousands. And then there’s the stunning three- and four-story townhomes that hit the multimillion-dollar range.

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Dining in Lincoln Park & DePaul

19th Hole Cafe & Grill
2008 N Halsted St
Cuisine: American
B W 3's
2464 N Lincoln Ave
Cuisine: American
Anne's Mandarin
1550 W Fullerton
Cuisine: Asian
Charlie Trotter's
816 W Armitage Ave
Cuisine: American
2441 N Lincoln Ave
Cuisine: American
Asiana Restaurant
2546 N Clark St
Cuisine: Asian
Cozy Cafe
2819 N Lincoln Ave
Cuisine: American
Four Farthings
2060 N Cleveland
Cuisine: American
China Garden
2256 N Clark St.
Cuisine: Asian
3334 N Halsted St
Cuisine: American
North Pond
2610 N Cannon Dr
Cuisine: American
Cho Sun Ok Restaurant
4200 N Lincoln Ave
Cuisine: Asian
2545 N Halsted St
Cuisine: Asian
2300 N. Lincoln Park
Cuisine: French
Cafe Bernard
2100 N Halsted St
Cuisine: French
Mon Ami Gabi
2300 N Lincoln Park W
Cuisine: French
Via Carducci
1419 W Fullerton Ave
Cuisine: Italian
Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!
2024 N. Halstead St.
Cuisine: Spanish
2748 N Lincoln Ave
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Lalo's Mexican Restaurant
1960 N Clybourn
Cuisine: Mexican
Cucina Bella
543 W Diversey Pkwy
Cuisine: Italian
King Crab
1816 N Halsted St
Cuisine: Seafood
1112 W Armitage Ave
Cuisine: Italian
Cafe Nosh
2665 N Clark St.
Cuisine: Greek
Basil Leaf Cafe
2460 N Clark St.
Cuisine: Italian
Abu Nawas
2411 N Clark St
Cuisine: Mediterannean
Bangkok Star Restaurant
1443 W Fullerton Ave
Cuisine: Indian

Resources in Lincoln Park & DePaul

Advocate Health Care Center
2400 N. Lincoln
Augustana Hospital
2035 N. Lincoln
Children's Memorial Dialysis
2611 N. Halsted
Columbia Grant Hospital
550 W. Webster
Columbus Hospital
2520 N. Lakeview
Post Office
2643 N. Clark

Entertainment in Lincoln Park & DePaul

Chicago Academy of Sciences
2430 N. Cannon
Lincoln Park Bird Sanctuary
Addison St.
Lincoln Park Cultural Center
2045 N. Lincoln Park West
Lincoln Park Zoo
Cannon Dr. & Fullerton Pkwy
Chicago Historical Society
N. Clark & W. North
Lincoln Park
Lake Michigan coastline
The Lincoln Park Conservatory
2931 Stockton Dr.
Piper's Alley Movie Theater
230 W. North
The Second City Theatre
1616 N. Wells
Three Penny Cinema
2424 N. Lincoln
Biograph Theater
2433 N. Lincoln
Webster Place Theater
1471 W. Webster
2519 N. Halsted
John Barleycorn
2300 N. Lincoln
Kingston Mines
2548 N. Halsted
Lion Head Pub
2251 N. Lincoln
2350 N. Clark
Red Lion Pub
2446 N. Lincoln
1983 N. Clybourn
U.S. Beer Company
1801 N. Clybourn
Steppenwolf Theatre
1650 N. Halsted
Royal George Theatre Center
1641 N. Halsted
Apollo Theater Center
2540 N. Lincoln
Park West
322 W. Armitage

Shopping in Lincoln Park & DePaul

2nd Hand Tunes
2604 N. Clark
Endo-Exo Apothecary
2034 N. Halsted
1154 Lill Studio
2523 N. Halsted
2262 N. Clark
su zen
2241 N. Clybourn
Studio 910
910 W. Armitage
Rinky Dink
2216 N. Clybourn
Renaissance Buttons
826 W. Armitage
2501 N. Clark
2252 N. Clark
Out of the West
1000 W. Armitage
2300 N. Clark
Natural Selection
2260 N. Lincoln
Isis on Armitage
823 W. Armitage
844 W. Armitage
Holtzmann's on Clark
2304 N. Clark
Healing Earth Resources
2570 N. Lincoln
Elliott Consignment
2465 N. Lincoln
Cynthia's Consignments
2218 N. Clybourn
Cynthia Rowley
808 W. Armitage
Clever Alice
2248 N. Clark
2202 N. Halsted
Celeste Turner
859 W. Armitage
White Elephant Shop
2380 N. Lincoln
Turtle Creek Antiques
850 W. Armitage
Time Well
2780 N. Lincoln
1007 W. Webster
2455 N. Sheffield

Art Effect
934 W. Armitage

2140 N. Halsted
812 W. Webster
Mila's Antiques
2742 N. Lincoln
Kaput Kapot
717 W. Armitage
Jayson Home & Garden
1911 N. Clybourn
Interiors on Consignment
2150 N. Clybourn
Graystone Home
2937 N. Clark
Gabriel's Trumpet
1809 W. Webster
Fortunate Discoveries
1022 W. Armitage
Faded Rose
1017 W. Armitage
Expressly Wood
825 W. Armitage
Ethan Allen Carriage House
1700 N. Halsted
Dilly Lily
742 W. Fullerton
Design Toscano
1873 N. Clybourn
Consign Design
1128 W. Armitage
2154 N. Halsted
An Antique Shop
1450 W. Webster
2725 N. Halsted
Tabula Tua
1015 W. Armitage
1013 W. Armitage
Findables Inc.
907 W. Armitage

Aroma Workshop
2050 N. Halsted

Bedside Manor Ltd.
2056 N. Halsted

Ancient Echoes
1003 W. Armitage
Buy Popular Demand
2629 N. Halsted
819 W. Armitage
2130 N. Halsted
Relax the Back Store
1925 N. Clybourn
Banana Republic
2104 N. Halsted
Antoinette Boutique
1011 W. Webster
Accessory to a Wedding
2503 N. Lincoln
846 W. Armitage
A Brides Dream
2204 N. Clybourn
Jolie Joli
2131 N. Southport
Isabella Fine Lingerie
2150 N. Seminary
2480 N. Lincoln
804 W. Webster
Graphic Expectations
757 W. Diversey
711 W. Armitage
2705 N. Clark

Schools in Lincoln Park & DePaul

Abraham Lincoln School
615 W. Kemper
Francis W. Parker School
330 W. Webster
La Salle Language Academy
1734 N. Orleans
Lincoln Park High
2001 N. Orchard
Louisa May Alcott School
2625 N. Orchard
Newberry Magnet
700 W. Willow
St. Clements School
2524 N. Orchard