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Chicago Sports

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are the city’s championship-winning NFL football team. They play at Soldier Field, located in the South Loop at 1410 S. Museum Campus Drive. Although the Bears have not won a Super Bowl since 1986, Chicago continues to rally behind this long-time football club whose rivalry with the Green Bay Packers is as legendary as they come. While many fans buy tickets to watch the games live at the stadium, pretty much any sports bar in town is sure to broadcast the action so non-ticket holders can follow along with the plays.  

Chicago Bulls

The city’s professional basketball team has long been a major contender in the NBA, boasting six championship titles and some of the best athletes to have ever set foot on the court. The Chicago Bulls are in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference and play at the United Center (1901 W. Madison) on the Near West Side. Home games are fun because the United Center is known for its energetic half-time performers and entertaining skits during time outs. Whenever there’s a stop in the action, fans’ attention is drawn to an amusing sideshow that keeps spirits up until the players take the court again.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Wrigley Field

Chicago has two Major League baseball clubs, but when on the North Side the only team to root for is the Cubbies. The Cubs are a member of the Central Division of the National League. Home Cubs games are played at Wrigley Field. The landmark stadium was built in 1914 and has served as the Cubs’ home turf since 1916. Unlike other ballparks, Wrigley has maintained much of its old school appeal, opting to keep its original manual scoreboard in lieu of installing a Jumbo-Tron and refraining from plastering advertisements in every square inch of the stadium. One of the interesting things about going to a Cubs game is that you don’t have to go inside the park to get seats – many of the four-story buildings just outside Wrigley have bleachers on their roofs to accommodate the overflow of fans. Whether you’re behind home plate, on the roof-top of a nearby house, or in front of a TV at a Wrigleyville bar, anytime the Cubs take home a win the crowd breaks into a joyous round of the victory song “Go Cubs Go!”

Chicago White Sox

The Cubs may reign supreme on the North Side, but South Siders’ loyalties lie with the Chicago White Sox. The Sox play in the Central Division of the American League. For eighty years the Sox played at Comiskey Park, until 1991 when the ball team moved into their new stadium, built in place of the old one. It cost around $167 million to construct the new ballpark, located at 333 West 35th Street. The new field was also called Comiskey Park at first, but its name was changed to U.S. Cellular Field in 2003 when the company bought the naming rights. U.S. Cellular Field holds about 40,000 and is equipped with lots of fun extras that make going to watch a Sox game extra cool. There are a number of bars and clubs positioned throughout the stands that allow fans to eat, drink and party with other White Sox enthusiasts, and whenever a home team hitter gets a Home Run fireworks shoot out of the scoreboard. Just a neat bit of trivia: the White Sox ballpark has made an appearance in a number of baseball movies, including “Rookie of the Year” and “Major League.”

Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks are Chicago’s NHL hockey team. They play in the Central Division of the Western Conference. Since the team was founded in the mid-1920s, the Blackhawks have taken home three Stanley Cups and won over a dozen division titles. The Blackhawks share stomping grounds with the Chicago Bulls basketball team – both play at United Center Park (1901 W. Madison). The arena is transformed into an ice rink for Blackhawks season and then switched back into a basketball court for the Bulls.

Sports Teams: Stadiums and Arenas:
Chicago Bears
Chicago Professional Football Team 
Soldier Field
Chicago Bulls
Chicago Professional basketball team.
United Center
(home of the Bulls and Blackhawks)
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Major League Baseball Team.
Wrigley Field
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Major League Baseball Team
U.S. Cellular Field
(formerly Comiskey Park)
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Professional Hockey Team
Chicago Wolves
Chicago Professional Hockey Team
Allstate Arena
Chicago Fire
Chicago Professional Soccer Team
Cardinal Stadium
Horseracing Balmoral Park
Sportsman's Park
Auto Racing Calumet Park