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Madison 1 N
Magnolia 1232 W
Malden 440 N to 4758 N N 1300 W
Malta 9900S to 10258 S S 1506 W
Mandell 6200 N to 6255 N N 5624 W
Mango 1600 N to 5768 N N 5732 W
Manlia 5300 N to 5360 N N 5800 W
Manistee 7900S to 1314 S S 273E
Mankato 7000N to 7198 N N 6300 W
Manheim Rd 4400N to 6400 N N 10400 W
Mann Dr Marquette Park W 6800 S
Manor 2734 W at 4400N 2949 W at 4772N N
Manton 5700N to 5998 N  N 5600 W
Maple 1W to 150 W W 1100 N
Maple Wood 7556N to 11856S N&S 2532 W
Marble Pl 1W to 718 W W 120 S
Marcey 1634N to 1942 N N 1000W
Margate 814W to 940 W W 4930 N
Maria Ct 4520 N to 4738 N  N 8500 W
Marine Humboldt Park W 3000 @
Marine Dr 4000N to 5132 N N 60 W
Marion Ct 1200N to 1272 N N 1838 W
Markham 5700N to 5981 N N 5900 W
Marmora 2100N to 6068 N N 5900 W
Marquette 7600S to 13105 S S 2700 E
Marquette Dr Jackson Park E 6600 S
Marquette Rd 456 E to 4758 W E&W 6700 S
Marquette Rd 6600S to 6658 S S 500 E
Marquette Rd 500E to 1600 E E 6600S
Marshall Blvd 1900 S to 2358 S S 2900 W
Marshfield 7742 N to 11858 S N&S 1632 W
Martin Luther King Jr. Drive 13022S to 13274S S 348 E (private)
Martin Luther Kind Jr. Drive 344E at 2201S 400E at 13456S S
Mary 1100W at 2500S 1100W to 2510S S
Maryland 4900S to 13458S S 832E
Marylland Ave 10300S to 10358S S 832E Private
Mason 7158N to 6258S  
Massasoit 1556N to 6258S N&S 5732W
Matson 5936W to 6094 W W 6146 N
Maud 1824N to 1996 N N 1000W
Mautene 1244N to 1253N N 1650 W
Maxwell 500W to 1126W W 1330S
May 902N to 12256S N&S 1132W
Mayfield 1840N to 6458S N&S 5900W
Maypole 1600W to 5158 W W 134N
McAlpin 6900N to 7166N N 6300W
Mcclellan 6150N to 6250N N 5600W
McClurg Ct 404N to 678N N 400 E
McCook 5940N to 5976N N 6022W
Mcormick Rd 6230N to 6370N N 3300W
McCrea Dr Gardfield Park N 3356 W
McCutcheon Terrace 4900N to 4924 N N 944W
McDermott 2928 S to 2936 S S 1400 W
McDonough 4000N to 4900N N 12000W
McDowell 4500S to 4676S S 1404W
McFetridge Dr Burnham Park E 1326 S
McLean 1400W to 6460W W 2034N
McLeod 6000N to 6124N N 6242 W
McVicker 7347N to 6258S N&S 6032W
Meade 7340N to 6458 S N&S 6100W
Medford 6900N to 7034N N 6200W
Merchandise Mart 318 N
Medill 1200W to 7190 W W 2334N
Medina 5800N to 5950 N N 6158 W
Melrose 400 W to 7040 W  W 3232 N
Melvina 7156N to 6458 S N&S 6200 W
Memory Lane 8000W to 8158 W W 5146 N
Menard 6070N to 6458 S N&S 5800 W
Menard Dr Columbus Park S 5800 W
Mendell 1900N to 2058 N N 1500 W
Mendota 6224W at 6800N 5900W to 7037N N
Menomonee 156W to 558W W 1800 N
Mercer 6100W at 6200W W 6340 W
Meridth 6200N to 6256 N N 5626 W
Merrill 6700S to 13758S S 2132 E
Merrimac 7156N to 6258 S N&S 6234 W
Merrion 9500S to 9840 S S 2214E
Metron 12800S Lake Calumet S 1550E
Meyer 1610 N to 1660N N 510 W
Miami 5900W to 6130 W W 6124 N
Michigan 950N to 12628 S N&S 100 E
Michigan Avenue 13330S to 13362 S S 125E (private)
Midway Dr  N&S Washington Park E 5900E
Midway Park 5700W to 5968 W W 500N
Midway Plaisance 800E to 1600E E 5900 S
Mies Wan Der Rohe Way 800N to 920 N N 200 E
Helen J Mikols Dr 4700W at 5536S 4800 W at 5636 S W
Mildred 2600N to 2958 N N 900 W
Millard 500 S to 11430 S S 3632 W
Miller 728S to 1942 S S 1028 W
Miltimore 5600N to 5982N N 5834 W
Milwaukee 500 W at 200 N 6543 W at 6556 N Crosses At Lake 500W at 200 N Halasted 800 W at 500 N May 1134 W at 800 N Ashland 1600 W at 1230 N Damen 2000 W at 1600 N Western 2400 W at 1930 N Francisco 2900 W at 2400 N Kedzie 3200 W at 2600 N Kimball 3400 2 at 2800 N Avers 3834 W at 3200 N Pulaski 4000 W at 3320 N Lowell 4334 W at 3600 N Cicero 4800 W at 4000 N Montraose 5100 W at 4400 N Lawrence 5400 W at 4800 N Central 5600 W at 5300 N Bryn Mawr 5800 W at 5600 N Peterson 6100 W at 6000 Nagle 6432 W at 6400 N 506 W
Minerva 1172E at 6344S 1124 E at 6658 S S
Minnehaha 6300N to 6558 N N 5400 W
Minnetonka Ave 5626 W at 6500 N 5458 W at 6944 N N
Mobile 7156 N to 6458 S N&S 6300W
Moffat 2000W to 3136 W W 1832 N
Mohawk 1306 N to 2058 N N 532 W
Mohawk 816N to 954N N 500W (private
Monitor 6064N to 6258 S N&S 5832W
Monon 6934N to 7068N N 6234W
Monroe Grant Park E 100 S
Monroe 86E to 5574W E&W 100 S
Monsignoir McElliot Ave 2630W to 2758W W 10200 S
Montana 900W to 5258 W W 2432 N
Mont Clare 2500N to 5526 N N 7132 W
Monterey 1614 W to 1952 W W 11200S
Montgomery 4000S to 4128 S S 2726 W
Montogomery 2600 W to 2638 W W 4128 S
Monticello 400N to 6354 N N 3632 W
Montrose Dr 646W to 8608 W  W 4400 N
Montrose Dr Lincoln Park W 4400N
Montrose Harbor Dr 4400N Lincoln Park W
Motvale 1638 W to 1906 W W 11334 S
Moddy 7194 N to 6258 S N&S 6132 W
Moore 314 W
Moorman 1300N to 1328 N N 1700 W
Morgan Dr Washington Park E 5500S
Morgan 752N to 12928 S N&S 1000W
Morse Ave   Circle Drive Loyola Park W 6944 N
Moselle 6800N to 7086 N N 6300W
Mozart Dr Humboldt Park N 2832 W
Mozart 6758 N to 8626S N&S 2832 W
Mulligan 5954 N to 6258 S N&S 6332 W
Museum Dr Jackson Park  E 5700S
Music Court Dr Garfield Park  W 112S
Muskegon 7726 S to 13213S S 2838 E
Myrick 3750 W to 3848 W 7852 S
Myrtle 7152 W to 7744 W W 6200 N
Morse 1108 W to 5476W W 6944N