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Haddock Pl. 76E to 214W E&W 220N
Haddon 1500W to 5540W W 1132N
Haft 6344W to 6374W W 6300N
Haines 800W to 860W W 1100N
Hale 1900W at 10301S 2100W at 11858S S
Halsted 3766N to 12960S 800 W
Hamilton 7318N to 10658S N&S  2100W
Hamilton 3900S to 3950S S S 2130W  - private
Hamlet 11100S to 11230S S 1448W
Hamlin 6354N  to 11458S N&S 1148W
Hamlin Blvd 270N to 424S N&S 3800W
Hampden Ct 2600N to 2778N N 442W
Harbor 9100S to 9378S S 3428E
Harbor Dr 151N to 170N N 400E
Harding 6258N 11058S N&S 3932W
Harlem 7558N to 6459S N&S 7200W
Harper 5100S to 9412S S 1501E
Harrison 85E to 5574W E&W 600S
Hart 400N to 430N N 1926W
Hartland Ct. 500N to 545N N 1744W
Hartwell 6614S to 6670S S 132E
Harvard 6300S to 12658S S 326W
Haskins 7716N to 7760N N 1734W
Hastings 1200N to 2200N W 1332S
Hawthorne Pl. 500W to 598W W 3442N
Hayes 664W to 7058W W 6532N
Hayes Dr Jackson Park   E 6300S n
Hayford 3700W to 3936W W 7544S
Haynes Ct.  2810S to 3052S S 1316W
Hazel 4200N to 4554N S 842W
Heath 1300S - 1338S  2322W
Henderson 1212 W to 7040W W 3334N
Henry Ct 2768W to 2784W W 2100N
Hermione 6326W - 6368W W 6300N
Hermitage 7748 0 9034S N&S  1732W
Hickory 1006N to 1359N N 832 W
Higgins                   4834N at 5400W 5750N at 7834W Crosses At Austin 5000N at 6000W Nagle 5100N at 6400W Balmoral 5400N at 7200W Harlem 5500N at 7200W Canfield 5700N at 7800W     (W)
Higgins Rd 5800N at 8401W 6300N at 12555W  (W)
Highland 1400W at 7286W W 6330N
Hill 152W to 350W W 1100 N
Hillock 2500S to 2947S S 1100 W
Hirsch 2200w TO 5958w W 1400 N
Hobart 6452W to 6970W W 5750N
Hobbie 600W to 666W W 1100 N
Hobson 2048N to 2046N N 1700W
Hoey 2702S to 2712S S 964W
Holbrook 6200W to 6368W W 6100N
HoldenCt, 36N to 2036S (N&S) 25E
Holland Rd 321W at 8700S 46W at 9074S (S)
Hollett Dr Marquette Park W 6800S
Holly 2000N - 2044N N 1630 W
Hollywood 934W - 4458W W 5700 N
Homan 1556N - 11658S N&S 3400W
Homan Blvd 1N - 160N N 3400W
Homer 1530W - 5174W W 1948N
Homewood 10930S - 11506S S 1800 W
Honore 7352N - 11858S N&S - 1828W
Hood 6132N - 1200W to 6144N - 7754W W
Hooker 932N - 1258N N 800 W
Hopkins PL 2000W - 2136W W 8900S
Hortense 7408W to 7762W W
Houston 8000S to 13448S S 3024E
Howard 1306W to 7761E                                                                     W 7600N
Howard 1306W - 7761W W 7600 N
Howe 1144N -2058N N 634 W
Howland 2100W to 2148W W 8800S
Hoxie 1144N - 13700S S 2600E
Hoyne 7546N - 11160S 2100 W
Hoyne 3900S - 3950S S 2100W (private)
Hoyt 3900S - 3950S S 2100W (private)
Hubbard 122E - 4958W (E&W) 430N
Hudson 658N - 3178N N 435W
Humboldt Blvd 1600N - 2168N N 3000W
Humboldt Dr Humboldt Park N 3000 W
Hunt 2000W - 2052W W 8818S
Huntington 6100W - 6378W W 6200N
Hurlbut 6500W - 6948W W 5800N
Huron 448E - 5967E (E&W) 700N
Hutchinson 642W to 5558W W 4232N
Hyacinth 6232W to 6372W W 6134N
Hyde Park Blvd 800E - 1658E E 5100S
Hyde Park Blvd 5100S to 5558S S 1700E
Hyde Park Dr. Jackson Park S 1700E
Hutchinson 642W - 5588W W 4232N