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Early 5700N at 1200W 5840N to 1358W W 5710 N
East Circle 5700N to 5978N N 7034W
East End 4900S to 9358S S 1700E
Eastlake Terrace 7500N to 7760N N 1320 W
Eastman 800W to 1122W W 1440 N
East River Rd 4400N to 5958N N 8800W
East View Park 5400S - 5450S (private) S 1728E
Eastwood 800W to 6354W W 4632 N
Eberhart 3128S to 13328S S 500E
Edbrooke 10500S to 12650S S 134E
Edbrooke Ave 13330S to 13340S S 140E (private)
Eddy 1100W to 6360W W 3532 N
Edens Expwy 4700W at 4600N 4900W at 6400N N
Edens Pky 5400 N to 5500N N 4812W
Edgenbrook Ter 6700N to 6752N N 5924W
Edgewater 1400W to 1676W W 5732 N
Edgewater Deach Drive 5400N to 5424 N (private) N 936W
Edmaire 1655 W to 2022W W 11300S
Edmunds 5445W to 5574W W 5000N
Edward Ct 2100N to 2158N N 749W
Eggleston 5900S to 12946S S 432W
Eisenhower Expwy 200W at 436S 6000W at 658S W
Elaine 3400N to 3460 N N 700W
Elbridge 3000N - 3100N N 3600W
Eleanor 2500S to 2872S S 1200W
Elias Ct 2900S to 2872S S 1200 W
Elizabeth 928N to 12258S N&S 1232W
Elk Grove 1200N at 1800W to 1548M at 1900W N
Ellen 1714 W to 1916W W 1282 N
Elliot 8112S to 8160S S 1836E
Ellis 600E at 2600S 1000E at 13526S S
Ellis Park 3600S to 3644S S 600E
Ellis Ave 13016S to 1329S (private S 954E
Ellsworth Dr Washington Park S 400E
Elm 96E to 664W E&W 1142 N
Elmdale 1200W to 1554W W 6000 N
Elmhurst 6747N to 6759N W 12800W
Elston 1132W at 824N 6214W at 6175N Crosses at Milwaukee 825N at 1132W Division 1200N at 1220W North Ave 1600N at 1400W Ashland 2000N at 1600W Damen 2400N at 2000W Western 2800N at 2400W California 3200N at 2800W Addison 3600N at 3220W Monticello 4000N at 3633W Pulaski 4300N at 4000W Kenneth 4800N at 4434W Cicero 5036 N at 4800W LaPorte 5200N at 5440W Central 5700N at 5600W Milwaukee 6175N at 6200 1123 W
Ellscon Avenue 5415S - 5445S S 3610W
Emerald 2019S to 1293sS S 732 W
Emerald Dr 742W at 6200S 746 W to 6438S S
Emmett 3200W at 2600N 3232W at 2646N N
Englewood 246W to 756W W 6232S
Erie 456E to 5968W W &W 
Ernst 862N to 905N N 100 E
Escanaba 7810S to 13247S S 2900E
Esmond 10920S at 1800W 11180S at 1900W S
Essex 7500S to 9356S S 2500E
Estes 1302W to 7566W W 7100N
Euclid 6700S to 9656S S 1932E
Euclid Pky 7412S to 7452S 1908E (private)
Evans 4300S to 1343S S 732E
Evans Av 13016S to 13098S (private S 732E
Evans Ct 114E to 120E E 740N
Evelyn Lane 8644W to 8757W (private W 5350N
Eugenie 138W to 558W W 1700 N
Everell 8644W to 8758W (private W 5350N
Everett 5452S to 5558S S 1738E
Everett Dr Jackson Park S 1738E
Evergreen 200W to 3554W W 1332N
Ewing 3338E at 9200S 3430S to 12040S S
Exchange 2400E at 7100S to 2934E at 13258S S
Ehange Ct 1N to 20N (private N 124W
Exchange 800W to 1200 W (private stock yards) W 4136S