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Norwood Park / Old Norwood Park

Before it became a residential hotspot, Norwood Park was a resort locale where city slickers would go to kick-back and escape the bustling city vibe. Now, this community-oriented neighborhood, situated on the northern tip of Chicago, is a prime destination for family households and people who prefer to live away from the more congested sections of the city. Wedged in the middle of Norwood Park is a smaller community known as Old Norwood Park. While the two are considered separate neighborhoods, they share the same luxuries – lush greenery and family-friendly culture.

Where parks are concerned, though, Old Norwood got the better end of the deal with four recreational lots (Norwood Park, Norwood Circle Park, Myrtle Grove Playlot Park and Centennial Playlot Park). Norwood proper features two smaller outdoor spots – Rosedal Park and the area’s namesake lot, Norwood Park.

Architectural styles in both Norwood Park and Old Norwood Park vary from nineteenth-century homes and Cape Cods to ranches and modern condominiums. The one thing all of these beautiful structures have in common is the winding tree-lined streets on which they sit. The community is one of the few in Chicago that does not adhere to the city’s standard grid system, favoring traditional charm over navigational practicality. The combination of its classic touch and north side location bump up the real estate prices in Norwood Park somewhat, but the gorgeous setting is worth every penny. The average sale price for a one or two bedroom house in Norwood Park is about $350,000 and a condo or townhome generally commands a price in the low $200,000s. Property in Old Norwood Park is a bit more expensive with the average sale price for a three-bedroom hovering around $500,000. There is also a section of stately million-dollar manors in the more established part of town.

In addition to beautiful parks, quality real estate and non-conforming residential streets, the neighborhood touts some of the most coveted dining in the area. Amitabul, for one, is a popular spot with local vegetarians. The all-vegan restaurant will wow you with its tasty dairy-free ice cream ranging in flavors from plum to the caffeine-inspired cappuccino concoction. Trattoria Pasta D’Arte is an Italian eatery offering everything from pan-seared tilapia to ricotta cheese-stuffed pasta pouches. Norwood Park also has family favorites like the low-key Chikago Pizzaria, Phil’s Pizza D’Oro and who could pass up Superdawg Drive-In for an on-the-go bite.