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Buena Park

Often overshadowed by its surrounding Uptown borough, Buena Park holds its own as a vibrant Chicago neighborhood. Thanks to Buena Park being listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 (the area is over 100 years old), many renovations and restorations have been underway to bring the neighborhood back to its pre-war charm.

If you’re looking for a quiet street to settle on, but still want plenty of attractions and activities at your fingertips, this Chicago neighborhood is for you. As a subdivision of Uptown, Buena Park is mere steps away from the bustling jazz scene and even has a couple of well-known theaters on its own streets.

During the day, locals like to unwind at the public beach, dog park and waterfront golf course. It seems like everyone in Buena Park lives an active lifestyle. Even during the biting cold Chicago winter these folks flock to World Gym and smaller athletic clubs to gear up for hitting the sun-stricken beaches in the summer.

Stop by Bo Jono’s Pizzeria and indulge in a slice of pie while you soak up the sun on their sidewalk café. After you’ve filled your belly, head next door to Dollop Coffee Company for some of the best java in the city and decadent cupcakes provided by Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park. You’ll find plenty of young professionals and grad students hunched over laptops here as well as groups of local activists and chess-playing partners.

Inarguably the most popular nightspot with Buena Park locals, Holiday Club brings classic culinary charm to those who appreciate a perfectly executed cocktail. This swingin’ spot even offers a Sunday brunch on its streetside cafe. This Chicago neighborhood is also home to a number of up-and-coming actors thanks to The National Pastime Theatre Company and the non-profit Profiles Theatre. Both of these reputable venues offer more intimate seating than what you’d find in downtown Chicago, and they each showcase some of the most innovative work in the city.

Vintage apartment complexes, high-rise condos and townhomes make up the beautiful blocks of Buena Park. And if those aren’t enough in the way of aesthetics, stroll over to the landmark Hutchinson Street where a row of prairie-style homes, classical revival, and Romanesque architecture blend seamlessly into one picturesque stretch. One or two bedroom condos and flats in Buena Park range from $200,000 to $300,000 and while those beautifully designed single-family homes rarely hit the market, you can expect them to sell for well over two or three million dollars when they do.